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Linear Alkyl Benzene

Linear Alkyl Benzene

Linear Alkyl Benzene (C6H5CHR1R2) is a clear colourless liquid with characteristic odour. It is most widely used as the basic raw material for the manufacture of synthetic detergent. The linear alkyl Benzene produced from the C10 – C13 or C11 – C14 linear mono olefins are useful detergent Intermediate and can be readily sulphonated to yield linear alkyl benzene sulphonates. These compounds constitute the “active” ingredients of many house hold detergents. They are surface active compounds (surfactants) which are combined with various builders (often inorganic salts) to make up a detergent formula. Linear alkyl benzene (LAB) is the basic raw material for production of most widely used detergent. Linear alkyl benzene was introduced as substitute for non biodegradable branched alkyl benzene.

Uses :
Linear Alkylbenzene Sulphonic Acid is extensively applied anionic surfactant. It is raw material for detergent industry characterized by detergency, foam, moisture, and emulsion and dispersing. The material performs well in deep underwater environments.  One study suggested LAB as a suitable material to be employed in a Secret Neutrino Interactions Finder (SNIF), a type of antineutrino detector designed to detect the presence of nuclear reactors at distances of between 100 and 500 km.

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Analysis Report

Items Standards Results
Specific Gravity, 15.56oC 0.855 - 0.870 0.8601
Bromine Index 10 Max 1
Say Bolt Color + 29 Min 30
Water, wt% 0.05 Max < 0.01
2 Phenyl Alkane, wt% 25 Min 27.42
Di Alkyl Tetralins and Indanes, wt% 1.0 Max 0.1
Appearance Clear Clear
Linear Alkyl Benzene, wt% 92 Min 93.56
Paraffins, wt% 0.5 Max < 0.05
Molecular Weight 236 - 244 239.53
Carbon Chain length distribution, Wt% Typical Range ≤ C9 1.0 Max 0.61
C10 42870 13.53
C11 25 -45 37.53
C12 25 -45 28.41
C13 43038 20.24
≥ C14 1.0 Max 0.29
Doctor Test Negative Negative

Other Details

CAS No. 67774-74-7
Molecular Formula C6H5CHR1R2
Packing 22.30 mts in Flexi Tank
Loading in Flexi Tank (+ -)


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