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Vinyl Acetate Monomer

Vinyl Acetate Monomer

Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM) C4H6O2 is a colorless liquid with a low flash point and characteristic odor. It is soluble in most common organic solvents, but not soluble in water. Emulsion polymers for paints, adhesives and textiles.

Uses :
VAM is commonly used as emulsion polymers for textile production, in adhesives and paints. Extensively used in coating formulations and as a monomer in the production of copolymers in textile and adhesive resins, as well as surface coatings. It is also widely used in water-based coatings.  For Food, it is used to make FDA compliant food-contact materials. 

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Analysis Report

Items Standards Results
Purity (wt%) 99.90 Min 99.98
Water (ppm) 400 Max 82
Acetaldehyde (ppm) 100 Max 9
Acidity (CH3COOH) (ppm) 50 Max 5
Ethyl Acetate (ppm) 150 Max 61
Methyl Acetate (ppm) 50 Max 17
Color (APHA) 5 Below 5 Below
Appearance Clear and Free Clear and Free of suspended method
Specific Gravity (20/20oC) 0.9320 - 0.9360 0.9338
Initial Boiling Point oC 71.0 Min 72.06
Dry Point oC 73.5 Max 72.8
Hydroquinone (ppm) 14 - 16 14

Other Details

CAS No. -654390
Molecular Formula C4H6O2
Packing 208 KGS / DRUM (+ -)
Loading in 20’GP 16.64 MTS (+ - )


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