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Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric Acid

Packed using the best chemical-grade packaging material, this Phosphoric Acid is appreciated for its high purity and accurate composition.

Definition : Phosphoric acid, also known as orthophosphoric acid or phosphoric(V) acid, is a mineral (inorganic) acid having the chemical formula H3PO4. Orthophosphoric acid molecules can combine with themselves to form a variety of compounds which are also referred to as phosphoric acids, but in a more general way. The term phosphoric acid can also refer to a chemical or reagent consisting of phosphoric acids, usually mostly orthophosphoric acid.

  • CAS No. : 7664-38-2
  • EINECS NO. : 231-633-2
  • Molecular Formula : H3PO4
  • Packing & Loading : 35KG Jerry Cans / 25.2MT

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Type Standard
Colour 20
Phosphoric Acid % 85
Chloride % 0.0005
Sulphate (SO4) % 0.003
Heavy Metal (AS Pb) % 0.0005
Flouride (AS F) % 0.001
Oxidable Matter (AS H3PO3) 0.012
Arsenic % 0.00005

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