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Xylene (C8H10), any of three isomeric dimethylbenzenes  which have the same chemical formula, C6H4(CH3)2, but different molecular structure. All three are obtained from coal-tar distillate and petroleum as a mixture containing 50–60 percent by volume of m-xylene and 20–25 percent of each of the other isomers. The commercial xylene mixture is a colourless, nonviscous, flammable, toxic liquid that is insoluble in water but miscible with many organic liquids.

Uses :
Xylene is commonly used as a solvent for lacquers and rubber cements.  It is also used as solvents, as components of aviation fuel, and as raw materials for the manufacture of dyes, fibres, and films. Meta- and para-xylene undergo nitration and reduction to give xylidines and used in making dyes. The meta isomer also is converted to trinitro-t-butyl-m-xylene, or xylene musk, a component of perfumes. Oxidation of the xylenes gives monocarboxylic acids (toluic acids), and then dicarboxylic acids (phthalic acids).

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Analysis Report

Items Standards Results
Color, Pt-Co scale 20 Max 5
Specific Gravity 15.56/15.56oC 0.865 - 0.875 0.8723
Distillation at 760 mmHg Intial boiling point oC Dry point oC

137 Min

143 Max



Components as Non-aromatics vol % 2.0 Max 0.36
Sulphur compounds Not detected Not detected
Acidity mg NaOH/100mL Not detected Not detected
Acid wash color Max 6 -1
Copper corrosion 100oC, 30min Pass Pass

Other Details

CAS No. 1330-20-7
Molecular Formula C8H10
Packing 188 KGS / DRUM
Loading in 20’GP 15 MTS (+ - ) 80 DRUMS


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