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Formic Acid

Formic Acid

The Formic Acid, which we offer, is acclaimed for its accurate composition and purity. We offer this Formic Acid at reasonable rates to the clients.

Definition : Formic acid (systematically called methanoic acid) is the simplest carboxylic acid. Its formula is HCOOH or CH2O2. It is an important intermediate in chemical synthesis and occurs naturally, most notably in the venom of bee and ant stings.

In nature, it is found in the stings and bites of many insects of the order Hymenoptera, mainly ants and is also present in stinging nettles. It is also a significant combustion product resulting from alternative fuelled vehicles burning methanol (and ethanol, if contaminated with water) when mixed with gasoline.[citation needed] Its name comes from the Latin word for ant, Formica, referring to its early isolation by the distillation of ant bodies. A chemical compound such as a salt from the neutralization of formic acid with a base, or an ester derived from formic acid, is referred to as Formate (or methanoate). The Formate ion has the formula HCOOâ.

  • CAS No. : 64-18-6
  • EINECS NO. : 200-597-1
  • Molecular Formula : CH2O2, HCOOH
  • Packing & Loading : 250KG Drum or 35KG Drum / 20MT

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Type Standard
Purity % 85% min
Colour Index 20 max
Chloride % 0.005 max
Sulfate % 0.002max
FE % 0.0005 max
Evaporation Residue 0.020 max

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